Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2/27/2013 The Mattress Saga Continues

(Arizona City, AZ)

I meant to tell you yesterday what else I learned about the Mattress Discounters that I mentioned last week.  Yes, they do take the leftover models from stores all around the country but they also sell refurbished (sprayed with Lysol?) mattresses and some of these stores aren’t so forthcoming with that information.  For instance, there is a  sixty day period in which one has to decide if the mattress is everything  they hoped it would be.  At least that’s the way it is for Sleep America.  If someone who buys a mattress from them says, “No, this mattress isn’t working for me/us” then they get to trade it in for a different model.  The one they had for 60 days then gets sold to a mattress discounter and re-sold.  Are you told its used?  In some stores yes, in others, maybe not, so that is something definitely to ask about.

Today I started looking for and calling upholstery businesses that we could get this piece of dense foam from and having it covered.  I found a place in Tucson that said he had exactly what we needed and could certainly cut it to whatever size we needed for the sum of $75.00.  He assured me he had sturdy fabric to cover it in which would add another $75.00 to the total.  To be honest $150 was more than what I anticipated paying.

I decided that we have so many talented sewing ladies in this park that I would ask around and see if someone would help me make a cover.  Shirley, the first one I asked said that she would be glad to help me and even suggested using Velcro as the closure so that the material could easily be removed and cleaned.  A good idea I think.

It’s all falling into place after all.

Our cold spell is a thing of the past now and our days are starting to warm up.  We’re in the 70’s now and people are spending afternoons around the pool again.

Life is good!

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Becky Jones said...

Maybe you could cover it with two fitted sheets? Wrestling a cover over foam is not easy. I think you could put a fitted sheet on the bottom and another over the top. then your mattress pad and actual bed sheet. I would also be tempted to try the t shirt material sheets as they grip and would be less likely to slide.