Monday, February 25, 2013

2/25/2013 Quail Run Talent Show

(Arizona City, AZ)

Once again the residents of Quail Run gave their all to entertain the residents here in our park.  Oh, what a show they put on.  It truly astounds me that we have such an abundance of talent in such a small community.

Keith Paddick was our emcee for the evening.  In between acts he threw some very good one liners out and told some stories that brought lots of laughs.


Lawrence is our resident DJ usually but tonight he did the singing.


Jackie played the accordion for us and I have to say, I am in awe of anyone who can play this instrument and even more so when they play it as well as Jackie does.  I just can’t imagine playing the keys, the buttons and moving it at all the same time.


This is my friend Diane.  She told us a story about Phoenix traffic. Yes, you read that right, Phoenix traffic.  Her timing was perfect, each pause perfect and emphasis spot on.  She had us rolling!


There were several other acts in between these.  Banjo players, singers, duets, piano players, all very good.

The last act of the night was Four Friends.  These guitar players and singers are part of what is known as the Quail Run Band but for this performance they were Four Friends.  As usual, they were excellent!


Once again, another great night being entertained by our own friends.

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