Monday, February 4, 2013

2/4/2013 The Trek Across Texas Begins

Since Westlake is only about a forty minute drive it didn’t take long to see our first Texan landmark.


A hundred feet later, the Welcome to Texas sign.


It will take us several days to cross this state.  Yep, Texas is THAT big.

As we were rolling down the road I saw this billboard.  I was really surprised to this.  I’m surprised that Mr. Page didn’t find a way to have this removed.


We made it as far as San Antonio today.  We’re staying put for two nights.  Bob needs to rest from all the driving.

I can tell he is more relaxed behind the wheel now.  His grip on the steering wheel has loosened considerably.  Back east, with all the traffic, it is just mind boggling trying to keep aware of every driver around you.  You have to be keenly aware of what they are doing because they sure aren’t paying attention to the situations they put motorhomes, tractor trailers and pick-ups with large towables in.  We’ll never understand the driver of the little cars that speed up, pass us, get in front of us in our lane and then slow down.  Or even worse, the ones who speed up, pass us, get in front of us in our lane and not only slow down but actually apply their brakes for two or three seconds.  WHY?   Or how about the drivers who are coming onto the Interstate and even though we are not too short of a distance away from the ramp, they drive on at a snail’s pace.  Don’t they realize that we have to practically stand on the brakes to slow way down, if we can’t change lanes, so that we don’t ram them from behind?  We can’t stop these big rigs on a dime.  Don’t even get me started on how many idiots I see texting while driving!

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