Monday, April 30, 2012

4/30/2012 Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

We’re on the move again today. We had gotten everything ready last evening that we could but we didn’t take the satellite dish down and there’s always a few last minute things to do.

So we’re all ready, 5th wheel is hooked to truck, everything is stashed and then I hear %$#&@$%!!! Uh-oh. Something’s wrong. I walked to where Bob was and asked what was going on. It seems he was having difficulty in getting our landing gear (that’s fancy, uppity RV speak for JACKS) to raise. Oh, this is not good. We have hydraulic landing gear and he was pushing the button but they weren’t moving. He went through the steps several times and each time they stayed put like they were super glued to the ground. He started getting aggravated and all I could see were dollar signs, big ones, in neon green.

I made a few suggestions that I should have kept to myself. He didn’t actually say that out loud but Bob has a look that says, “go sit in the truck and read your book, I have to think this out.” I know when to pay attention to that look!

Sure enough, 10 minutes later the landing gear was up where it was supposed to be and we were on our way.

We did stop at the end of the driveway so that Bob could say thanks again and hope to see you all again to those who were already in the lodge.


So we took one last look at the skyline of Music City and both remarked that we liked Nashville.


We’re only traveling about 175 miles today so it should be an easy run.

Today we’ll cross into a new state for us. Kentucky!


This is what Kentucky looks like.


Soon we saw signs for Mammoth Cave National Park and Diamond Caverns.


We didn’t stop, we just saw the signs.

Dinosaur World! Uh, no, we didn’t go there either.


Ooh Bob look! Horse Cave! and Exit 58 came and went.


Now here we did stop!


We actually spent a lot longer here than we planned. This was supposed to be a pit stop for Bob and when he came out of our rig he saw what pulled in right next to us. A Carriage Cameo exactly like ours. Well you just have to talk shop when something like this happens. We have to compare notes on what we like about it, what we dislike about it, what we would change, where’ve been, where we’re going. Next thing you know we’ve spent a half hour.

We were pulling out of Love’s and I saw this sign.


Ooh, ooh, Bob, look they have kangaroos! The next thing I know we’re back on I-65 heading north.


Historic Downtown Glendale Bob! I don’t know what even happened there but let’s stop and see. Exit 86 came and went.

What I saw out my window as Kentucky went whizzin’ by.


Oh Look! President Lincoln’s birthplace!


His birthplace Bob! Don’t you wanna see where Presid….. Oh, I guess not.

Bob! Patton Museum! Military! Remember when he slapped that guy? Lets go see if they ha….


Oh, well ok, if you’d rather not…..

When I saw this next sign, I didn’t say a word. I didn’t so much as clear my throat or even glance at him. But let me tell you right here and now. If I had heard that turn signal start clicking ….


…..Bob would have been backtracking looking for this sign!


Well, we made it to our destination without anymore problems which is always a good thing. Looks like it’s also a good thing we got here when we did because there’s a storm coming in.


There’s nobody here in this parking area but us.



Here we are, all settled in.


Have you figured it out? Do you know why we’re in the Kentucky Exposition Center parking lot? Maybe it would help some if I told you what town we’re in. We’re in Louisville!


How cool is that? We bought tickets last December for this. It’s been on Bob’s bucket list for a long time and this year we’re going. He is so excited.

Louisville is all abuzz! Kentucky Derby isn’t just one day here, it’s an all week party! Besides the Derby festivities Louisville has a lot to offer for things to see and do. We cant wait to get started!

Oh, and Zabby…Louisville buddy, what bar should we go to?


LaVon Baker said...

You crack me up!!! Jim Beam. Ha Ha Ha. Not to worry, but if it had been a Budweiser Museum... everything in the back of the 5er would have slid to the front!!

Jen said...

I can so relate to your Zooming past places you think you would like to visit. My husband did that as well. I would see a sign comment and then we would zoom past . I might then say something about it and Maurice would say whymdidnt you just say let's stop, or tiurn, etc wel imthout if i amde a favourable comment that would mean i would like to see it and he could either gree or disagree. We used to miss a lotof stuff but as you say not talking to pthers travellers with whom he could compare notes. I really do miss being able to travel now.

Donna K said...

At least you have a lot to go back and see...someday!! Great post!