Friday, October 24, 2008

10/24/08 What a Day!

I knew this was going to be a busy day but I feel like I've been run ragged. Not all of the workampers are here as yet so I asked all the teams to come in today to help set up for the services tomorrow.

No one objected to being called in to work, as they kept reassuring me that with all the days they were sent home at ten and noon it was the least they could do. So every table we had was set up, chairs pulled from everywhere for more seating and the pool patio set up for additional seating if needed. The teams got busy covering the tables with plastic sheeting, cloth tablecloths were ironed for the family tables, song sheets were copied and distributed to the tables, everything was readied for the food that would be coming tomorrow, tea was made and this was all just in the morning hours.

Kim and I took off in the early afternoon to pick up the flowers and balloons the family wanted and some other workampers went to pick up round tables. Now I don't know where my head was when we were talking about the balloons for the stage but it definitely was not on the task at hand.

We get to the party store, pick up all we need and head back. Jeannie had said we'll fill them tomorrow morning with compressed air, put them in bouquets and tie them to weights to hold them in place on the stage. Yep, all systems are go.

I was back in the office talking with Gayle about the order of things for tomorrow and this light bulb went off all of a sudden. Compressed air???? Its still air, just plain air. Gravity is going to take over here and the balloons will be hanging off the stage and on the floor. Back to the main office I go to tell Jeannie this isn't going to work. Luckily, she's going to town and will drop the balloons off to be filled with helium and be ready for pick up tomorrow morning.

One of the family members came up and looked at all we had done to get ready for tomorrow and we got a big thumbs up.

Its been a long, crazy day and I'm glad its over!

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