Thursday, October 9, 2008

10/9/08 Working With the Blue Team This Week

As I've already told you, Jim is going to be taking care of our newspaper/letter, whatever you want to call it. He took copies of last year's to get an idea of what goes into it and then went home to set up the paper on his computer. He's done desktop publishing and he said he's going to change the format of the paper. I can't wait to see how its going to come out. Jim worked from home all day.

Mary, along with Kim worked in the office with me. Now Kim has had a rough time getting here. She and her husband Bill just started full-timing on September 22 of this year. They bought a brand new motor home and on the way here the engine broke, malfunctioned DIED. They had it towed to Phoenix where a new engine will be put in it. Thank heavens it is all under warranty. They are in a motel close by until they get their rig back early next week, if all goes well. Keep your fingers crossed for them. Say a prayer.

Kim will be the person on the Blue Team who will be taking care of Channel 27. I found out today she is a computer whiz! Luckily, Steve happened to drop into the office when he was returning library books and he had a few minutes to tell Kim what she needs to know to get new messages on, make changes and delete old ones. She then went through the instructional papers to find out how to change fonts and colors.

Mary and I spent the morning getting rid of old files in the filing cabinet. We found stuff that went back as far as '02. Some stuff just has to go sometimes.

In the afternoon we got back to more flyers and tickets. Its not that it takes all that long to change dates and print them, what is time consuming is finding what you want. We found flyers dated back to '05. Kim says she can help us get everything filed, nice and neat. I think that would be a great help for us and future years.

We were so involved with what we were doing today that when we took notice of the clock it was already 3:30. We worked a half hour beyond what is required. We won't let that happen again!

Our screen room is up, the mat is laid, the tables and chairs are in place and our outside decorations are up. Its all coming together. Slowly but surely.

Its Survivor night so I got dinner out of the way early. Even though we've been out west for some time now, we're still getting used to prime time TV starting at seven instead of the usual to us, eight.

I can't wait to get to work tomorrow and spend the day with Mary and Kim cleaning up the computer!

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