Friday, October 31, 2008

10/31/08 Halloween in Quail Run

Tonight we had our first "big" event, the Halloween Party. I asked our park manager how many we should prepare for and she told me 40 - 45. I emailed DeAnn, last year's Activity Director, and asked how many she had last year and she came up with the same number. OK, works for me!

To balance out the room with the same number of tables on each side we actually had seating for 72. Overkill but at least the room looked balanced. Not knowing what kind of costumes we would be seeing we wanted to leave lots of space between the tables. That was another thing, how many would dress in costumes. I heard from my sources, half and half. I did encourage all the Activities people to dress and for some this was the first time they were in Halloween costumes as adults. Bob and I have attended several Halloween parties so this was nothing new to us.

We spent the day time work hours setting up tables and chairs, getting the snacks we would serve ready, icing down sodas and setting out paper goods.

I sent everyone home early so that they had plenty of time to get ready for the night's activities.

Well, we certainly had a larger crowd than we expected! Within five minutes of the seven o'clock start time we had to set up six more tables. I watched them come through the door and the costumes were fantastic! We ended up with a total of ninety four party animals and all but a half dozen were in costume! I am pleased to say our first party was a HUGE success!

We received comment after comment about how much fun it was. It was nice to hear that but if you think about it, it wasn't because of the tables/chairs we set up, the snacks we provided or even the decorations we put up. It was a good party because old friends were getting together for the first time since last spring, people were enjoying their new friends they've made this year and as usual our DJ, Cactus Carl, knew what it would take to get everyone up on the dance floor. But we'll take the nice compliments all the same.

Some of the costumes we saw....

What would Halloween be without the Grim Reaper?


Doesn't every party need a Whoopie Cushion and full size penguin?


Here's Marlene as a "wash woman" complete with a full clothesline! See the box of Tide attached to her bandana?


Bill and Kim, our resident monk and devil woman.


Every Halloween party needs an Asian flair.


I do believe a bearded nun is also a must have to make a Halloween complete!


I think this costume took Tom back to his youth! He told me the day before that I wouldn't know him and he was right! This looks NOTHING like Tom in real life! I had talked to him a couple of times and didn't realize who I was talking with! I was just amazed to find out who this was. I should get a picture of him sans costume and post them side by side. You just won't believe the difference. I'll work on that.


Bob in his pirate costume.


Ohhhh,,,,Sandy, our line dance instructor is gonna kill me for this..... sorry my friend.


Bill and Pat as a big butt pirate and Dr. Kevorkian. That sign on the hack saw says, "Pain Killer".


A good time was had by all!

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