Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/11/2012 We Can’t Get Away From IT!

Wind. We just left a place where we spent five months where the wind blew nearly everyday. A land where flags standing straight out is the norm. We thought we were leaving that behind. Uh-uh. Its worse here. We haven’t had even one minute when the wind has so much as died down. Bob and I just look at each other and wonder WHY? Is it following us? Will it follow us all the days of our lives? It is truly grating on our nerves. We’ve had enough. ENOUGH! We don’t know why anyone would choose to live here. Maybe in downtown Corpus Christi it isn’t so bad because the buildings block it. That is not the case here at the Naval Air Station.

So we ran some errands today, one being a trip to Walmart. Just before we left Mission we bought a heavy duty spring loaded curtain rod to help hold some things in place as we travel. Bob took it out of the package and it was broken from the git-go. Made in China. Why were we not surprised? I don’t know about the rest of you but we’re tired of putting out good money for junk from China. Unfortunately, this country manufactures very little anymore. This will be the downfall of America. We have got to stop shipping our jobs overseas. All we get back in return is junk. So I take it to the service counter, laid it down, handed over my receipt and said, I’m returning this junk from China.” The lady chuckled and said, “That’s not the first time I heard that.” Sad, isn’t it?

A stop at the commissary made me a happy camper! Love those commissary prices. We bought several different kinds of lunchmeat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and rolls so we could make our own subs for dinner. They were okay but they weren’t Capriotti subs. But that’s okay, we know in just over a month we’ll be back in the land of great subs and cheesesteaks…and we can’t wait.


The rest of the day we just relaxed. We met some of our neighbors that are parked close by and I even met one fellow that shortly after he started talking I asked him where he was from. I was not surprised when he said Philadelphia. I never thought of myself as having an accent such as a southern drawl or the obvious Noo Yawk or Joisey accents. That said, I’m getting pretty good at picking out my neighbors from Philly, Baltimore and places close to home.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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