Thursday, April 19, 2012

4/19/2012 We Like it Here!

We had the perfect day today.  The weather was postcard perfect. 

New people came in and were parked in the same area we were.  One couple from southwestern Pennsylvania are the just nicest people.  Another couple from I believe Ohio, well, not so much.  Between the two of them they have been everywhere, done everything and know all.  After a few minutes with them Bob and I just looked at each other as if to say, “Hurry up, think of some reason we have to go in the house.”  Lucky for us they had to go check in so we were able to get away.  However, Since Bob was outside for most of the afternoon doing things on their side of our rig he caught by them several times.

I spent the afternoon doing laundry in the brand new laundry room.  A dollar to wash and seventy five cents to dry.  I could see where if one was doing towels it would take two cycles in the dryer for them.  As nice as the new laundry room is I had the feeling that whoever designed the layout of the room didn’t do laundry.  The folding table was L-shaped, a few inches too narrow and big enough for only one person at a time.  Still, everything was in working order and it was very clean.

I was also able to snag two hours in the sun reading my book.  Bob, on the other hand, spent his afternoon washing the love bugs off the front of the 5th wheel which was quite a chore.  At least no swarms of the little buggers showed up while the front of the rig was all wet.

Tomorrow?  The French Quarter.  I think.

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Bill and Treasa said...

Used fabric softener sheets work really well to remove dead lovebugs. They don't hurt the finish of the rig. Get the sheet wet, scrub off the bugs, and rinse well. DO NOT let the bugs dry on your rig - they become really hard to get off and stain the finish.