Friday, April 13, 2012

4/13/2012 We Visit Mustang Island

Before we actually got on the road this morning we had quite a show right outside our door. Here is our next door neighbor inciting a seagull feeding frenzy.



Our agenda today was to go to Mustang Island. This 18 mile long barrier island on the Gulf Coast stretches from Corpus Christi to Port Aransas.


This island was first called Wild Horse due to the herds of grazing horses brought here in the 18th century by the Spanish settlers. The name was later changed to its present day Mustang Island.

We saw some beautiful homes on the way down and after much discussion Bob and I finally agreed that we would get off the road if one of the residents in one of the homes below wanted to leave and have us live there instead. It would be a sacrifice but we’d do it.


I really don’t know what this picture below is of. I caught it out of the corner of my eye, picked my camera up, pointed and clicked. I don’t know if it’s the front of a business or what. I just don’t know but I thought it was….interesting. Perhaps someone familiar with Mustang Island can fill me in.


We drove all the way to the northern end of the island until we got to Port Aransas. We saw some very nice RV parks along the way and filed this away for future consideration….when the wind dies down.


These colorful houses caught my eye.


We took some beach access roads in order to get a feel for what this barrier island is all about.

We really did appreciate the paved approaches to the beaches.


Having never been here before we weren’t sure if this was normal, rough, high tide or low tide.


What was quite evident is the un-ending line of seaweed.


So I’m taking this picture of these shorebirds and I’m not paying any attention to what is going on overhead.


Bob tapped gently on the horn of the truck to get my attention and he’s pointing to the sky. I looked up and there were five pelicans in perfect formation flying just mere feet above my head. I was so startled that they were so close that it never occurred to me to lift the camera and shoot. My chance to get one of those shots and I missed it. I was just sick!

I did get some pelican shots but none like what I missed!




We even saw some cactus in bloom.


It was a great day for a drive to the beach. And yes it made us that much more homesick.

We went down another beach access road and found some windsurfers.



These windsurfers were zipping back and forth so fast because of the brisk “breeze” coming off the Gulf.

Now this is what we thought we’d see more of during our time in Texas!


After we got home Bob started watching the weather and we decided it might be best if we extended our stay a couple of more days instead of leaving tomorrow. The weather is taking a turn and its not lookin’ good.

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