Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4/24/2012 Hello Music City!

We crossed over into Tennessee in the early afternoon.


Now those of you who have traveled I-95 through North and South Carolina are familiar with South of the Border.

Much like travelers in South Dakota (and beyond) are well aware of Wall Drug.

And why do the travelers know about these places? One word. Billboards. Hundreds of them.

When we crossed into Tennessee we saw billboards for a particular business and they just caught my eye. Now let me explain that there wasn’t hundreds of them by any means, in fact I didn’t actually see anymore than a half dozen but I was reading as we drove along so I could have certainly missed some. Now you must be wondering by now what these billboards were advertising. There were no pictures that I recall, just the words BOOBIE BUNGALOW! Those words and an address are all I recall.

For some reason I looked up and there it was! Boobie Bungalow!


Now I just can’t imagine telling anyone that I work at Boobie Bungalow. Oh heck, I can’t even imagine working at Boobie Bungalow for that matter. In case you haven’t figured it out it’s a, uh, um,,,,,gentleman’s club, more commonly known as a strip club. I only know that because I’m well read. And I looked it up on Google to see what it actually was.

Our destination is the Moose Lodge in West Nashville. They have two RV spaces with full hookups available. We found it with no problem and the space was ours as long as we agreed to leave before Friday or stay until after Friday. It seems that Friday is rib eye steak night and the crowd is huge and there would be no maneuvering the parking lot if we tried to leave on Friday. We assured Kim, the barmaid, that we have every intention of staying until Monday.

We like this spot. We’re not in downtown Nashville but on the outskirts and fairly close to the major roadway to get where all the action is.

The best part of all? It’s free! What that means is there is no nightly fee but if we are so inclined a donation from us would be most appreciated. Of course leaving a donation goes without saying.

Also, for those you who are RV’ers you know that when and if you stay in a Walmart parking lot when on the road that its customary to go inside and spend some money. Bob felt it only right that he go inside and spend some money at the bar. Worked for me, I read/answered my email and got dinner started.

While Bob was in there he met several of the lodge members. One fellow gave him his phone number and said, “If you need anything, anything at all, call me.” Another fellow asked Bob if we ever go to a motel and live like real people. Bob asked what he meant and the fellow replied, “You know, get a real shower, watch a TV.” Bob laughed out loud and asked his new friend if he had ever been in an RV before. He admitted he hadn’t so Bob told him he was going to give him a tour before we leave. I can’t wait to see his reaction.

So we’ll be here for the next five days and we’re looking forward to seeing Nashville.


The Odd Essay said...

That's so funny! During our first year on the road we got that same response from our kids... REAL bed... REAL shower! It's something else how other people perceive we RVers and our life on the road, isn't it?

Donna K said...

Never been in an RV???? The poor underprivileged fella! You should video his "tour" and have him make a comment on what he sees. Have fun in Nashville.