Monday, April 23, 2012

4/23/2012 Two States Closer To HOME

We bid adieu, that’s what us who just spent some time in French Quarter say, or maybe we say, “See ya later alligator”, as we depart New Orleans and Louisiana as a whole. We’ll be back! There was much we didn’t see, but its ok because HOME is calling.

So we’ll say so long for now as we get a last glimpse of your skyline. We’ll be back for sure.


The sun dancing on the water of Lake Pontchartrain.


We said HELLO and GOODBYE to Mississippi in short order.


I did find out later that we passed friends Don and LaVon on the road. I’m not sure if we were still in Mississippi or into Alabama when she left me a phone message,,,WE JUST PASSED YOU! They are heading west and of course we are heading east. But our paths will cross again. That’s the best part about being full time RV’ers, you make friends all over the country and you see them again in different places.

We made it as far as Alabama today.


After traveling a little over 320 miles, a longer than usual day for us, we pulled into a little campground called Sunset RV Park in Cottondale. We had thought we would spend two days here but Bob changed his mind and only wants to spend the night. That’s his call as he’s the one who does the driving.

I got us checked in and the lady behind the desk informed me that the washers and dryers were free. Darn, I just did laundry at the base. Well, you know me, Queen of Cheap, I wasn’t going to let FREE pass me by. I gathered up towels, ok, ok, we used them this morning to dry our faces and hands on, a dishrag I used once, and two dish towels, one I dried clean dishes with and another that I must have used somewhere in the last 18 hours because it was out of the drawer. I had a load! Small, but a load of towels all the same. I was happy.

What we didn’t like about this campground was the fact that we couldn’t get a WIFI signal although they advertise it and we didn’t have cell service. We couldn’t even get our Verizon air card to get a signal. This campground is on a piece of land that was carved out in a U shape of a good sized hill. On the rim of the U-shape are large trees, not to mention the full grown ones in between the sites on the ground. We were thankful they had cable hookups for the TV.

Another thing I was sorry for was that we hoped to see our friends Bama and Jerry while we were here. They weren’t that far away but without cell phone service or an Internet connection I couldn’t even let them where we were and that we would only be here overnight. Bama, I’m really sorry we didn’t get to see you.


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