Saturday, April 28, 2012

4/28/2012 Laying Low but NOT By Choice

We had plans today but they got put on the back burner. Bob is hurting pretty badly with a pulled or strained something other in his back. Poor guy can hardly move. So rather than push or strain his back unnecessarily we decided to just lay low, let him relax in hopes that he’ll feel better tomorrow and we can follow through with tomorrow’s plans.

I’m reminding him to take his Ibuprofen on time and he swears the beer is helping.

I’m going to take this time to welcome two new Frequent Readers.

The first one to join our Frequent Reader board is known as Word Nerd and you can read more about her on her blog. Word Nerd Speaks Welcome! We hope you enjoy the journey.

I met Lynn Hubbard through a Facebook forum for Rv’ers. Lynn and her husband are just at the beginning of the downsizing game in their own awesome journey. She has just started a blog and if you want to follow along with their RV lifestyle you can go to Lynn and Terry's RV Living. I hope your journey will be as fun as ours has been. Welcome Lynn.

Big plans for tomorrow!

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