Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4/25/2012 Laid Back in Nashville

As is usual after two days of traveling and our first day in town we are laying back. Not going anywhere except the local Walmart because we need another sewer hose.

Since I really don’t have anything of great interest to write about I’m going to take this time to share with you some things I’ve gotten in email recently.

Are you a Betty White or Morgan Freeman fan? This video is a segment from the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony. It’s quite entertaining! Thanks Barb!

Click HERE to watch it.

This next video is all about hands and it is amazing! Thanks Wendy!

Click HERE to check it out.

I can't believe this next video was caught on film.
What an amazing thing to witness. Watch a giraffe be born and take its first steps. Thank Dianne!

Click HERE to watch this video.

Tomorrow we’re taking a tour of a very special place.


Anonymous said...

For when you're bored: Can you name ten sites/experiences you have had so far on the road? And is there one thing that is on your have to do before the tires go flat?
ann *Decatur

Snookie said...

Maybe you missed this post.

I'll have to think about what we want to do before the tires go flat that sticks out the most. I'll work on the that.