Friday, April 6, 2012

4/6/2012 Our Last Work Shift!

Today we started the final four days of our workamping job here in Mission, Texas. This is the day we thought would never get here and at the same time we’re saying .….already?

The park is nearly empty now, most of the Canadian residents gone in the last two weeks and the few remaining will be leaving in the next few days. As we ride the streets in our golf cart now we pass stretches of empty RV spaces that are larger now than they were just two weeks ago. Nearly all of the park models are closed up for the season with blinds and curtains closed tight against the harsh summer Texas sun. Patio furniture and bicycles stored until needed again next fall.

Though the majority of the people may be gone the work still goes on. There is always something that needs to be done.

Today Scott, the park manager, asked us move the large branches, that were brought down during the recent hail storm, from behind the hall to the pile of branches in the middle of the park. This is a job that will take us several days. We’ll run our normal routine and spend the last hour of each day working on this project.

Our last shift….happy and relieved and surprised its here so soon, all at the same time.

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