Sunday, April 15, 2012

4/15/2012 We’re Gettin’ Outta Dodge, er, Corpus

We’re supposed to be here for another day yet but we’ve decided to git while the gittin’ was good. The weather forecast for tomorrow is high winds again and rain. We just don’t want to be on the point during the storm that is to be coming. And besides, we truly have had enough of this wind.

Before we pulled out Bob took this picture of one of the many jack rabbits here in this park. They are HUGE! Look at the front paws on this thing.

IMG_1020 We took notice of these trees on the way off the base.


A good indication of just how much the winds blow here.


So our time at Corpus Christi is done. A nice place to visit but not a place we’ll come back to, unless we have to.

Our last look at the USS Lexington as we cross the bridge.




We saw these trees in a rest stop we were in. They seemed to be dancing. There branches intertwined with each other and the whole scene just seemed….fluid.


We didn’t even get out of Texas today. We made it to just outside Houston. North and a little inland which is right where we wanted to be.

The day was overcast for the most part and we played cat and mouse with rain showers throughout the day. Some where the windshield wipers were needed to swish back and forth continuously and other times when Bob manually turned the wipers on for one swish until the mist built up enough again.

We stopped at this campground that was just row after row of RVs of all types. We had the feeling that most of them were here because they were working the oil rigs. It was nothing fancy but it got us off the road.

We’re sitting here watching TV when we got a clap of thunder with no warning that came so loud and so long that our 5th wheel shook. We actually jumped because it was so unexpected. It wasn’t even raining and just seemed to come out of nowhere. I don’t know that I ever heard louder thunder.

We’re hoping for clear skies tomorrow.

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