Tuesday, April 3, 2012

4/3/2012 Time Flies!

Time really flies. What I thought was several weeks ago, in actuality, was more like a little over two months ago!

Back on January 18th I received a comment from a new reader named Emily who hails from Wisconsin. This is her comment.

Hi Snookie,

I just recently found your blog and am enjoying reading it when I can. Traveling the USA is something my husband and I want to do someday but that is a long way off for us.

The reason I’m writing is twofold. One, to tell you that I do really enjoy your writing and I love your pictures, especially the bullfight ones. Two, I’m wondering if you would email me the links to some of your favorite stories. The ones that come first to your mind when you think about your travels. I have three young children and just don’t have time to start reading from the beginning. I sure would appreciate it if you would share them with me. My email address xxxxxxx@yahoo.com (Note: I x’d out the email address for safety and SPAM reasons)

Well, Emily, I sure didn’t think time would get away from me like it did. Thank you for your kind words and I have picked some of my favorites and decided to share them here. Thank you for asking and showing an interest.

This one was about our first Thanksgiving on the road but the part I liked best was the story about my night out at Black Friday. You can read about it HERE.

I remember this one well. I was the team leader for a spaghetti dinner for over a hundred people. We referred to this one as the DAY FROM HELL! You can read about it HERE.

Ever been skydiving? Join me as I jump out of a perfectly good plane! This story spans a few posts so you’ll have to click on Newer Post at the bottom until you get to the end. I think its three pages total. You can read about it HERE.

Canyon de Chelly….what a wonderful place in New Mexico. I would go back here in a heartbeat. But only if we had a good supply of Pepsi’s and beer on board. You can read about it HERE.

I DON’T DO NEEDLES! Self explanatory. This is another one where you’ll have to click to the next page. You can read about it HERE.

We spent a wonderful day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Mostly photos. You can read about it HERE.

We took a day long trip on 17 Mile Drive along the Pacific Coast. I’ll never forget that day! You can read about it HERE.

We’re in Alaska now and we’re going to Denali. You can read about it HERE.

This was probably one of the best and one of the worst days of my life. You’ll have to click Newer Post two or three times. Oh what a day and night! You can read about it HERE.

This one is very special to me because it is mostly all about my dear friend LaVon. You can read about it HERE.

This post is the most heartfelt blog post I ever wrote. This is the only one I ever wrote that I cried the whole time I was typing, This was an open letter to my oldest friend, meaning she was/is the girlfriend I have had the longest. You can read about it HERE.

So Emily, I could have added dozens and dozens more of posts to this list. I tried to keep it at ten but eleven got through. I know as sure as I know my name I’m going to come across a dozen more that I wished I had picked.

Oh heck, I’m adding a few more!

It’s all about GLASS! You can read about it HERE.

I have been known to play a game of pool or two. You can read them HERE and HERE.

Ok, that’s it. Emily if you want to read more my new friend, you are just going to have start at the beginning and read a few posts each day. You’ll catch up before you know it.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed them all!! Looking forward to what you have in the future. Have a safe trip & thank you for everything. Cynthia