Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4/17/2012 Puttin’ Pedal to the Metal Again

Clear skies, check.

Sun shining, check.

Full tank of fuel, check.

Desire to hit the road again. Check!

Since we hadn’t unhooked the truck and only got out what we absolutely needed, it didn’t take us long to get on the road today. Our goal is about 200 miles and we started out about nine o’clock after the morning rush.

All was good and then about an hour into our trip the clouds started showing themselves again. No rain, just the skies weren’t blue like when we started out.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to take and post one of these. I am happy to say, “We are out of Texas!” Hello Louisiana!


We passed this “swamp”. I wouldn’t have called it that but the sign said Henderson Swamp.

Take note, we’re back under blue skies again.


We reached our overnight spot around 2 p.m.. A nice little community but a tad bit confusing to get into. We had to go through a Texaco and McDonald’s parking lot and through a sliding gate.

We were given a pull thru site which it made it quite easy for us to get set up.

Since we were right next door, a whole two minute walk if we walked slow, it seemed only right to have McDonald’s for dinner. Now Bob and I haven’t had McDonalds in forever. I can’t even remember the last time, its been that long. So we decided to splurge and get our fill tonight to last for another several years.

Bob wanted two double cheeseburgers, a large fries and small vanilla shake. I decided on a Big Mac, large fries and a small vanilla shake. My question is, what happened to the shakes? A small shake used to cup in one of those waxy cardboard cups that stood what, six or seven or inches tall? Similar in size to a red cup.

Today our shakes came in little see through Dixie cups! WTH?

So our dinner is put into bags, the cashier rings it up and says to me, “That will be $14.21.” I looked at him and then looked behind me to see if there was a row of people I was also buying a McDonalds meal for. Excuse me? Fourteen bucks for McDonalds? I want the days of 15 cent hamburgers back!

So we had dinner and I can tell you this now, it will be a cold day, a real cold day in hell before I spend fourteen bucks for McDonalds again, it just wasn’t all that. However, the fries are still to die for!

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