Saturday, April 21, 2012

4/21/2012 Seven Pounds of Crawfish Later…

We had a rainy day for the most part today. We were fine with that because we are so worn out from yesterday. We must have walked miles which we’re not used to.

I spent the day writing the mammoth post from yesterday. That post took me nearly 4 hours to write and pick out pictures and get it all in there.

There was one story I forgot to put in. We were walking down Bourbon Street behind this young southern sailor. Yes, southern sailor, we could tell by the accent. He was on the phone with his mother and this is what we heard:

Southern Sailor: Mama, I would never forbid you to do anything. Not ever Mama, until now. Mama, you are never, ever to come to New Orleans, this is an evil place Mama.

That’s all we heard because we then went into another bar to listen to the music, but we had to laugh. We were thinking this is one sheltered boy.

This evening we went out to dinner. Bob has been wanting crawfish and we saw a sign for all you can eat.

So we took off for Lil G’s Kajun Restaurant.


This place wasn’t anything fancy but the tables kept getting filled, people fed, and next round of diners would come in.

Bob had no trouble placing his order. Crawfish. Uh, wanna guess what I had? I’m not even going to bother typing it out.

The first round tray arrived and Bob proceeded to eat like there is no tomorrow. Seven pounds of crawfish later he said, “ok, I’m full.”


We came home and he promptly fell asleep in his chair.

Tomorrow morning we have tickets for an adventure!


Donna K said...

He can have my share too!!!

Martha said...

I had one of those trays of crawfish last night but not in New Orleans. My friends and I use to go to NO for a weekend all the time before Katrina. My DH has decided I don't have any business in NO now. He doesn't need to know all I do. lol NO is like any city, you have to be smart about where you go and when.


LaVon Baker said...

Crawfish?! Why does Bob want to eat fish bait? Yuk! :-)