Monday, April 9, 2012

4/9/2012 Our Last Day of Workamping in Mission

Our last day. We’re done. Its over.

We worked right up to the end though. We moved a huge pile of large limbs and branches brought down by the storm. I drove the golf cart and Bob piled the smaller branches on top of the roof and then hung onto the larger ones as we dragged them to the pile in the middle of the park. We got rid of the majority of the branches and limbs and cleaned up the area that we cleared. There were still a few left but our co-workers can take care of those on their last shift.

When we went in to the office to turn in the radio we were thanked time and again for the good job we did. We are welcome back anytime we want to. Scott and Cynthia were good people to work with. They were fair, told us what needed to be done confident that when they gave us instruction it would in fact get done and that there was no need for micro-management. We appreciated that the most. Tell us what you want, then leave us alone to do it.

So we’re done. This afternoon we got it in gear and got everything we could get done,,,done. The kitchen is closed so we had pizza for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow, we hit the road!

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Donna K said...

That must be a relief. Where ya headed?