Thursday, April 10, 2014

4/10/14 Tires: No Problem

(Mesa, AZ)

Our problem hydraulic hose is a thing of the past for us now.  This morning we found that everything held the way it was supposed to and there were no leaks and no more popping sounds.  It’s all good.

We thanked everyone at
Robert Crist RV and we were on our way.  We found a Michelin tire dealer not too far away and headed there.

The fellow behind the counter came out to look at our tires and he was stumped as to what was causing it.  The outer edges of our two front tires look like they are being chewed up.  Other than that the tires are performing as they should are wearing evenly and otherwise fine.  He called the business owner out to see if his years and years of experience could shed some light.  He was equally as baffled.  Both had said that they had never seen this before and didn’t have an answer as to why it was happening.  As far as they were concerned the tires were safe and why the edges were ragged was a mystery.

They did direct us to another business and a fellow named Randy who had years of experience with tires, alignment and RV’s.  It didn’t take long for us to get there and we found that Randy was expecting us because the guys from the tire place called and told him we were coming.  He came out to look at the tires and was promptly stumped.  He called two others over and they took a look.  They visually checked the alignment and saw no need to actually do an alignment.  They were stumped.  Bob finally said, “Let me throw this out there.  We were in a blacktop parking for three months with near 100 degree temps a lot of the time.  This 5th wheel was moved a lot, a whole lot, by fork lift.  It was turned on a dime time and time again.  Would that have chewed up the edges like that?”  They all agreed that that could have certainly done this.  So that’s what we’re going with.

By the time we were done there we decided to find a place in the area and spend the night, getting an early start tomorrow.  We decided on Val Vista RV Resort which is just huge!  Over 1500 sites!  We got a pull through and after we got set up we took the time to look around us.  We couldn’t believe what we were seeing!  About six sites down, and there was nothing in between, we saw a Mobile Suite 5th wheel, just like ours.  We also saw a Ford F550, just like ours.  A short while later the couple who own these drove by and stopped and talked to us.  In the few minutes we chatted we found out the fellow retired from the Army with 32 years of service,,,,just like Bob.  Actually, Bob had 33 years of service.  We were hoping to get to spend some time with them but they already had plans for the evening hours.

We made a run to the local Walmart to get just a few things in and then settled in for the afternoon and evening.

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