Monday, April 21, 2014

4/21/2014 Mystery Solved!

Before I get started on our latest adventure I have something I want to follow up on from yesterday.  I told you about me mentioning to Bob that we had a blog reader in Russellville, Arkansas, where we were driving through, and just minutes later a car came up on us and the people in it waved to us.  We both wondered if that was our reader Debbie.  Well, we’ve come to find out it wasn’t Debbie but it ….well, I’ll let you read what we received for yourselves.

Hi Snookie & Bob,
You have more readers of your blog than you know about. I have been following you since you began your adventure. I told my wife as we left Russellville to go to West Memphis for Easter with her folks to watch for Snookie & Bob. I felt you might have spent the night close to Fort Smith because you only like to drive until about 2 in the afternoon if I remembered right. And right after I said that I saw the Texas plate on a Mobile Suite. As we pulled up beside you I saw the beast and Bob. So we were the crazy couple waving at you right out of Russellville. Sorry if we startled you. By the way, I have a sister named Debbie and I told her about your blog several years ago. Don't know if she is the Deb from Russellville, I'll have to ask her if she's been following your blog. Something else about Russellville - they have an ole time burger & homemade malt place by the interstate that has a butchers case with fresh ground (in the building) hamburger balls stacked in it. When you order they take a fresh ground ball, slap it on the grill and cook it right then. Along with their fresh cut fries and homemade malt you'll think you went to heaven. You come through Russellville again email us and we'll meet you there if we're in town. (We deliver RV's across America and Canada)

Have fun and hope to meet you guys some time on the road.

Dick & Cathy
Now how cool is this! Dick & Cathy, we would love to meet you on the road sometime!  Send me another comment with your email address, I won’t publish it, so that I know how to contact you when we get on the road again in the fall.
By the way, IS your sister the Debbie I know from Russellville?
Thank you so much for contacting us and clearing up that mystery and thanks so much for following along on our journey.

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