Monday, April 21, 2014

4/21/14 Graceland - The Grounds

(Memphis, TN)

A lot of the original grounds have been sold off.  In fact, there is a housing development on two sides of the property and the resident’s backyards back up to Graceland.

Lisa Marie’s swing set.

The pool and patio.


This is the Mediation Garden.  We were told that Elvis would come out here and sit when something was troubling him or he had to think through a problem.  It was one of his favorite places.



For security purposes, Vernon Presley, with permission from the city, had the gravesites of Elvis and his mother Gladys moved here from Forrst Hill Cemetery in October, 1977.  Since then, the garden has become the final resting place for his father and paternal grandmother as well.  A small marker has also been placed for his stillborn twin brother.

The large marble cross was the original grave marker at Forest Hill Cemetery for Gladys Presley.  The statue of Jesus with outstretched hands was gift one Christmas from Elvis’ friends.


This is what the inscription on his grave says:

January 8, 1935
August 16, 1977

Son of
Vernon Elvis Presley
and Gladys Love Presley

Father of
Lisa Marie Presley

He was a precious gift from God
We cherished and loved dearly.
He had a God-given talent that he shared
With the world. And without a doubt,
He became most widely acclaimed;
Capturing the hearts of young and old alike.
He was admired not only as an entertainer,
But as the great humanitarian that he was;
For his generosity, and his kind feelings
For his fellow man.
He revolutionized the field of music and
Received its highest awards.
He became a living legend in his own time;
Earning the respect and love of millions.
God saw that he needed some rest and
Called him home to be with Him.
We miss you, Son and Daddy. I thank god
That He gave us you as our son.
By: Vernon Presley


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