Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4/13-4/15/14 Waylaid by Snow!

(Holliman AFB, NM)

It was better pulling the RV today than it was yesterday.  The winds had diminished considerably which was a good thing for our miles per gallon numbers.  That said, our numbers weren’t what they usually are but still better than the 7 mpg we got the other day!

We left Benson around 8:30 Sunday morning.  Traffic was light which Bob always appreciates.

The obligatory pictures of Texas Canyon.


One of many trains we saw on our ride today.  The trains out here are so much longer than the ones back east.


Soon we crossed into New Mexico.

The plant life has changed from the area we were in, in Arizona, to here.  We were used to seeing Saguaro cactus and now the most noticeable is the yucca plant.

Do you know what these pictures below are of?


What you are looking at is the sandy/dirt bottom of the Rio Grande River.  Dry as a bone!  Not a drop of water to be seen!

Going down the road pictures.


We’re headed to Holliman Air Force Base to stay in the FamCamp there.

We knew we were close when we saw this.

Sure enough, we soon saw the white sand.



We got through security at Holliman easily and as we were going through a housing section we noticed that the all the homes now sport solar panels on the roofs.

That’s a lot of solar panels!  Every single home had them, I can’t even imagine what something like that would cost.  I’m sure if the homes are all electric, including heat, they will pay for themselves in no time.

We set up as quickly as we could when we got to the FamCamp because we wanted to get to the Commissary before it closed at 5 p.m..  It was only 2:30 but we knew we were going to do a big grocery shopping and not knowing the layout of the store would slow us down.  Sure enough, two and a half hours later as the last of our groceries were being bagged and loaded into the 2nd of two carts, the announcement came over the loudspeaker that the Commissary was closing and would re-open Tuesday morning.  Since it wasn’t going to be open on Monday and we wanted to leave on Tuesday morning we had to get to the store today.

As we thought, we didn’t have enough cupboard space to put everything away in.  Luckily, there was some space in our basement for things we don’t need right away or refrigeration.  We bought enough for 28 meals plus cleaning supplies, goodies and laundry detergent.  We walked out with a bill of $300.06. Our freezers are full, our cupboards don’t have an inch of space available and there’s a good bit in the basement.  I just love this military perk!

Monday was laundry day.  It was nice to pay only a dollar a load for washing and drying for a change.

We pretty much hung out around home watching the weather forecast.  We’re hearing the “S” word!  Our next stop is Tucumcari and we’re hearing the words six and snow in the same sentence.  We don’t do flurries of snow let alone six inches of it.  We decided to stay put for another day.

This was a our view out of our window late Tuesday afternoon.


Tuesday was a totally lazy day.  We did take a short ride into Alamogordo to get ice and a license plate holder.  Since we are carrying our bicycles on the back of the 5th wheel our license plate isn’t totally visible anymore.  Bob moved the plate and had to run the wiring for the license plate light too.  I am so glad he is handy with things like this.

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