Friday, April 25, 2014

4/25/2014 Learning the Lay of the Land

(Damascus, VA)

The first thing we do every morning is get on our computers.  Bob has his morning coffee and I have my toasted bagel and Pepsi while we read our email, read the forums we visit, I catch up on what happened in Facebook overnight and I play Candy Crush and my Scrabble games.  While we’re doing this the TV is on for the morning talk shows.  This morning the house was quiet and the computer screens blank.  Now in the light of day we are wondering what we got ourselves into.

First things first.  Bob went to work on getting our satellite dish set up for us.  It was cloudy and overcast but it didn’t look like rain was going to fall from the sky anytime soon.  He got everything set up and we started.  He’d move the dish and I’d call out the numbers displaying on the TV.  We try to attain the number 100 on the display but we would gladly settle for anything in the 90’s.  We couldn’t get out of the 70’s and that’s just not enough to get us a picture.

Then it started sprinkling.  Then raining.  Then pouring cats and dogs.  And the thunder came.  Lightning was thrown in for good measure.  And then it stopped.  So we tried again.  Nope, can’t the signal above 80.  And then Mother Nature did her thing again.  It’s a good thing we have lots of movies.

It stopped raining again so we decided to go to town because we need to get water.  We were told to not drink the water here.  That’s ok, we don’t drink the water in Arizona either.  Of course on the way the rain, thunder and lightning made a show again and this time they brought hail with them.  Thankfully, the hail didn’t last long and it wasn’t very big at all.

We figured while we were in town we would find the Verizon store and see about getting a booster antenna.  We had to go to the next larger town, Abbingdon to find one.  Neither Damascus or Abbingdon are big enough to have a Walmart or a Kohl’s or a Sears but I did hear there was a K-Mart but we didn’t see it in our travels.  We finally found the place we wanted and I went in to but what we needed. When I told the fellow where we were and what we needed he just looked at me and shook his no. “No?” I asked.  He told me that people come in all the time and want booster antenna’s so they can get Internet while on the mountain.  They just don’t have anything big enough or strong enough to pull in a signal.  This does not make me a happy camper.  Bob was none too happy either.

Next stop was Lowe’s to get water.  We bought 3 three gallon jugs to get us started.  The reason we were told not to drink the water back on the mountain is that the system was put in 40 some years ago and the pipes are rusty.  We did notice that there was a spring water pipe where townspeople were filling gallon milk jugs so we’re going to look into that.

We made a stop at the local grocery store.  Not a huge store like I’m used to and not brands I’m used to but it seems to have everything I need or want.  Except one thing.  My lettuce.  I like butter lettuce that comes in the plastic container.  This store is more expensive than I’m used to also.  This is probably a family owned market and I think next time I’ll shop in Abbingdon where there is a Food Lion.  I may get better prices at a big chain store.

After dinner we watched movies again and I worked on the blog, writing the posts you just read.

So I’m to date on the blog now.  I’ll do my best to keep it that way.  If I miss posting a day or two it will only be because I couldn’t get to the office to post it or not a darn thing happened worth writing about.


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