Friday, April 11, 2014

4/11/2014 Snookie vs The US Post Office

(Mesa, AZ)

My mom’s birthday was yesterday.  I sent her a gift from Arizona City on Thursday, April 3rd, plenty of time for it to arrive even a day or two early.  In fact, the gift DID arrive on time in Wilmington, Delaware.  I know this because I have a tracking number.

When I called my mom on her birthday I was quite surprised, and dismayed, to hear that the package was not delivered.  I immediately tracked it and found that it was out for delivery.  Out where?  We agreed when I talked to her again that it would probably be delivered today.  A day late.

I called her this morning and asked if it arrived and she told me no and that the mailman had already arrived and that she talked to him about it and he said that if it was in his facility he would have delivered it.  He suggested I call the Postal Service and find out what mail facility it was in.

I went back to tracking web site and saw that it said that delivery had tried to be made yesterday but no one was home and a notice was left.  Hmmmm,,,,,  I called my mom back and she assured me she was home at 2:11pm when the delivery was supposedly attempted and nothing was put in her mailbox.  I have to even wonder why a different mailman than her regular one would have made this delivery.  It isn’t a huge box that the regular carrier couldn’t have carried it in his mail pouch.

I called the 800 # listed on the web site for Customer Service and played hell trying to get to a human being.  I was ready to go postal if I hadn’t gotten to the human when I did.

The customer service rep was extremely hard to understand.  I asked her where she was located and she told me in the United States.  To be honest with you I didn’t believe her.  I pressed and asked where.  She repeated my question back to me and I felt like she was buying time to come up with an answer.  She replied, “The east coast” I’m not buying it.  I asked where on the east coast and she came back with New Jersey – New York.  Well which is it???

She asked me for my tracking number and I gave it.  She read to me word for word what I had already read on the web site.  I told her  that my mother had talked with the mailman and that he said it wasn’t there for him to deliver.   I asked what facility it was in and she gave me the phone number.

I called the local post office and explained everything to him and he put me on hold.  He finally came back and said, “Mrs. Quinn, I have the package right here.  I don’t know why it wasn’t delivered yesterday but I’ll find out.  I’ll have it delivered to your mother this afternoon.”

Well, lo and behold, it WASN’T delivered.  I am beyond livid!

Tomorrow, I take on the United States Postal Service!  It ain’t gonna be pretty!

Today Bob and I walked around the resort we’re in and I have to say it is very, very nice.  We’re amazed at the nicely furnished card rooms that are available for reserving for your game.  The pool/billiards rooms are just wonderful and nicely furnished.  There is a first class wood shop, three pools, a hair salon, a nail salon, a barber shop, a library, little gathering places tucked here and there all over the park, a restaurant for burgers and fries and such, ballrooms with nicely padded chairs.  These are just some of the things we saw.

We went for happy hour from 3 – 5 where they served dollar beers and had live music for entertainment.  Speaking of entertainment, next year their headliner is Bill Cosby for one of his shows.  They’ll also have the Little River Band, Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers, a Frankie Valli tribute and several other names.

We talked to several residents here and they all talked about the many activities in this park and how there was just so much to do if you wanted to.  We’re pretty sure we’re going to like it here next fall…..if all goes according to plan that is.

Tomorrow morning we start our trek eastward.

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