Saturday, April 12, 2014

4/12/2014 Headin’ East

(Mesa, AZ - Benson, AZ)

On the road this morning headin’ east!
We left Mesa around nine this morning.  We did get a chance to talk to the fellow we met the first day we were here before we left.  The fellow with the matching truck and 5th wheel.  I really wish we had been able to get together with him and his wife.  Who knows, maybe we’ll meet them on the road someday.

My mom called me while we were on the road.  She received her gift, one the purses that Jane was selling in the park a month or so ago.  She loved it!

Lousy Drivers.  I think we came across ever lousy driver in the state of Arizona today.  We had one idiot come up on the shoulder, cut in front of us and slow down!  I wish I had a magic gun that I could shoot at them and they would end up on a mountain top in Montana! 

We weren’t on the road all that long today but long enough to see an abundance of these!


If we saw two, we saw two dozen!

As I said we weren’t on the road all that long today, not by choice but by necessity.  The wind was strong today and we were driving into it.  Bob figured our mileage and we were only getting 7 mpg.  That is NOT good!  We found a campground in Benson and pulled in.

Our view out our window.


Bob was checking the weather after we got set up and he said that New Mexico, our next state, has the “S” word in its forecast!  I’m hoping that is in the upper reaches of the state and that we’ll driving further south. 

Tomorrow,,,NEW MEXICO!

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