Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4/8/2014 Farewell Quail Run

(Arizona City / Mesa, AZ)

You know, its been a long time since we’ve all sung together!  So clear your throats, do your me-me-me’s and get ready to belt this out!

And a one and a two,,,,,

On the road again
Just can't wait to get on the road again
The life we love is makin' new Rv'in' friends
and we can't wait to get on the road again
On the the road again
Goin' places we've never been before
Seein' things we may never see again
And we can't wait to get on the road again

Yep, we’re hittin’ the road!  A whole 73 miles today.

We were up early this morning anxious to get ‘er done and get this rig rollin’.

Us and several other are leaving today.  The park is darn near empty now.

Things went smoothly, thank heavens.  We had some so long’s to say which are always hard for me but we got through it and nine minutes after our goal of being on the road by nine,,,,we were.

So we’re on the road, another adventure, another (hopefully) awesome journey.


We’re only traveling 73 miles today.  We’re headed to Robert Crist RV in Mesa.  We have a hydraulic line that needs to be replaced because Bob found that it was bulging in spots when he checked our fluid level one day.  This picture was taken in mid-February and the bulge has gotten progressively worse to the point Bob wrapped rags around it in case it burst.  We certainly wouldn’t want hydraulic fluid spewing all over the compartment,,,,been there, done that.

I had sent pictures to our contact in Lippert.  If you remember the man who designed this hydraulic system flew to Tucson last June to meet us at Lazy Days because there was just problem after problem with it.  He got right back with me and said that a new hose would be sent to our repair facility of choice and assured me that it would be covered cost wise.  I’ve found that it pays to keep notes of phone numbers and email addresses of people you deal with.

Without incident we arrived at the repair facility and got set up with electric and water in our fresh water tank. 

We aren’t scheduled for work until tomorrow so Bob and I set out to find a Verizon store so that we could reinstate the military discount we have with them.  Our verification of eligibility had expired and this Queen of Cheap just hated not getting that discount so that had to be remedied.  While there we purchased a Jetpack for our WIFI connection.  We had to pay for it but there is a rebate involved so I’m a happy camper.

Late this afternoon our buddy Richard stopped by.  We ended up having dinner, BBQ’ing off the back of the truck.  We were driving the employees here crazy with the smell of BBQ chicken wafting through the complex.

It was good to see Richard again.  We had first met him six years ago when we workamped at the Quail Run that very first year.  We’ve kept in touch ever since and see him as often as we can.  We were supposed to be close to him in Oregon in June but of course our plans had to change. 

The rest of the evening we watched ME-TV.  The old shows that we watched as kids.  The Danny Thomas Show, The Donna Reed Show, Gilligan’s Island, Dragnet and a few others.  All in black and white.

Tomorrow the repairs begin!  Here’s hoping it all goes smoothly.

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