Sunday, April 20, 2014

4/19-4/20/14 Elvis, Here We Come!

(On the Road to Memphis)

Got as far as Arkansas on Saturday, Fort Smith I think.  The towns are all becoming a blur.

We got off the road by two which gave me plenty of time to do some laundry and get it dried outside.

We picked out a campground from our Trailer Life book again.  There weren’t many in the area to begin with and we didn’t want to go far off of I-40.  Usually, we’ll check RV Park Reviews if we are going to stay a few days or longer in a particular place.  If we are in travel mode then we’ll pick a Good Sam Park or an Escapee park or even better an Elk or Moose Lodge to stay in if one is available in the area we want.

We saw some rather large windmill farms on the way.


I had been taking in all the green we had been seeing with new leaves on the trees sprouting out and the green grass along the roadways. This is really a welcome sight!  The “yellow” really threw me though.  I wasn’t expecting this.


I was disappointed that Arkansas didn’t have a state line sign out when we crossed over into it.  Here’s the best I could do.

Driving through Arkansas we started seeing signs for Russellville.  Now I know I have a reader, Debbie, from that town and mentioned it to Bob.  Not ten minutes later this car came up on the left and started beeping its horn.  Naturally, we looked over and the two people in the car were waving.  Rather enthusiastically.  Bob and I looked at each and shrugged because we didn’t recognize them or the car.  A few minutes later Bob said, “Do you think that could be the blog reader you told me about?”  I had just been thinking the same thing when he spoke it aloud.  So Deb, did you pass us on I-40 and wave?

We passed this church and both remarked what a pretty church it is.  It sure was crowded too, being Easter Sunday and all.

How’s this for an off ramp sign?

Crossing over the Mississippi.


We found the RV park we’re going to be in the for next few days.  Memphis-Graceland RV Park.  We’re on Blue Suede Lane.

Everything here is ELVIS!

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