Monday, April 28, 2014

4/28/2014 Our First Visit with Cathy

(Damascus, VA)

Cathy. She is the whole reason we are here in the east.  Bob’s younger sister is battling cancer.  She found out just two months or so ago that she has stage 4 lung cancer.  Bob and I felt we needed to come east and we were lucky enough to find a workamping gig just 10 miles from her home.

We didn’t quite know what to expect when we first saw her but she looked exactly like she did the last time we saw her four years ago.  She had her chemo treatment twelve days ago so she’s at the point where she’s feeling good again.  This is Cathy’s second bout with cancer.  Twenty five years ago she battled breast cancer and won.  She’s very thankful that chemo treatments have improved since then but she still has a rough time with it.

She was in good spirits and very happy to see her brother.

We had a great visit and in our conversation it was decided that we need to have a family reunion.  There will be about 40 of us if the brothers and sisters, their spouses, children and grandchildren all come.  We’re going to shoot for that and not get into cousins and 2nd cousins.  Lots of planning will have to go on and I am definitely up to the task. 

On the way to Cathy’s just a couple of miles outside of Beartree we found a VFW club.  This made Bob happy.  He loves going to new VFW’s.  I’m hoping its an active one with lots going on.

We’re supposed to have rain the next few days.  With all the trees it makes it dreary and dark but I guess we need it for all of these wild rhododendrons to bloom come June.  I talked with Edie about it and she said we’ll be amazed when we see the forest in full bloom.  I have my camera ready!

We start work tomorrow.  There are just a few campers here and none in our loop so I should have a real easy day and will have a good chance to learn how the office procedures are done without my feet being in the fire.

I’m really missing my Internet, not having it in the house, but so far I’m dealing pretty well with it and am getting a lot of reading in.

It is what it is.

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