Sunday, April 27, 2014

4/27/2014 A Day Of Shopping

(Damascus, VA)

After another good night’s sleep we were up and at ‘em pretty early.

I had plans for an afternoon of shopping with Edie and Bob was going to work on getting the rest of the outside of the rig cleaned.  Things didn’t go quite as planned for him as he noticed that some caulking needed replacing so he spent the afternoon pulling the old stuff out and applying new.

I went down to the office at eleven even though we weren’t leaving until noon or a little after.  Internet fix,,,,what can I say?

We went into the town of Abbingdon, a section I hadn’t see before. Walmart, Sam’s Club, Dollar Tree and Lowe’s were on our agenda. 

I had a list all made out, exactly what I had to buy.  I took the list out of my pocketbook in Walmart and within two minutes it was gone. I have no idea where it went.  I had been making that list over several days and when I thought of something I wrote it down and promptly quit thinking about it.  I could remember four things on the list.  I was able to get one.

Edie went to town with the thought of buying one major thing for the office and a few little things.  She the got major thing and I think a few more of the little things than she planned on.

Today gave Edie and I had a chance to get to know each other better.  We’ll be working together most days this season.   I’m finding that we “get” each other.  We’re of the same mind on a lot of subjects and not so on the same level on others.  That’s a good thing, otherwise our conversations during the lulls this summer would be quite boring.

Going through Damascus on the way to Abbingdon and coming back through on the way home, I had a chance to see what businesses are in this little town. Bike shops are by the far the biggest business.  Bike sales, bike rentals, bike parts, bike repairs, its all big business here. The Virginia Creeper Trail goes through these parts and that draws a lot of people.  People who ride bikes.

There’s a few restaurants, a Subway, a barber shop, an antiques store, an ice cream shop and several churches.  Some of homes are just beautiful with their wraparound porches, and
gazebos and manicured lawns.

This area is also horse country and there are a few small farms with small herds of cattle.

This was a picture I took of the countryside on our way to town.  No matter where you are you can’t get away from road construction can you?


Fishing is another draw here.  There’s a stream that comes down from the mountain and its chock full of trout.  On any given time of day you can drive by and see men standing knee deep in the stream  fishing.  There’s plenty standing on the bank too.

Here in Beartree Campground we have a lake with a beach, I haven’t seen it yet but I hear that its stocked six times a year.  This makes Bob a very happy camper.

Actually, I haven’t seen much of this campground other than our loop, the office/gatehouse and way out.  I’m going to have to get out and about and take some pictures.

I did take some pictures of our yard.  What our view looks like out our back window.



Our picnic table and fire pit area.


Can you feel the mosquitoes?  And friend from Stanton, MO, let’s not even mention any other creepy crawlies.  I think about them enough for both of us!  Thankfully, Bob bought some super duper bug, insect, spider killer to spray.  I hope it doesn’t actually defoliate the forest.

Note to my buddy from Decatur:  You must have missed a post, I know, I can hardly believe it either.  We changed plans because Bob’s sister is gravely ill and we need to be here to spend time with her.  No matter what the plans are….family comes first.

Note to my friend Mike:  Thanks so much for reminding me what the car was that Elvis gave Priscilla. 

Tomorrow we go see Bob’s sister.  I’m looking forward to this on one hand and on the other I’m not.

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