Wednesday, April 9, 2014

4/9/2014 Repair Day

(Mesa, Arizona)

Not knowing what time we were on the schedule for our service appointment we had no choice but to get up early so that we could ready at a moment’s notice if they had to move our rig to a different location.

At 8:30 our service tech was at the ready and started working.  I happen to be within earshot when I heard him utter those stomach wrenching words……UH-OH.   UH-OH??????   What’s UH-OH?????  He looked at me and said, “They sent the wrong hose.”  If I was a cartoon my nostrils would have flared, my face would have turned fifty shades of red and steam would have shot out of both ears.     UH-OH?????  No!  I don’t want to hear that!

At just that moment Bob came around the corner and I called him over.  I nodded towards the service tech and he was given the news.  I literally saw his shoulders slump.  I know he was imagining Lazy Days/Tucson all over again.  Our service tech went to find out what could be done to fix this.  He returned a few minutes later and told us that we could order a new one or get one off the local economy at a cost to us of $70.00.  Without hesitation Bob told him to get one off the local economy, we would pay for it.  Now this Queen of Cheap saw RED! 

I had come across the cell phone number of the designer of this hydraulic system just the other day.  I knew right where it was.  This is the fellow who flew out to Tucson to meet with us last June when we couldn’t get the system fixed there.  I got his voice mail and left him a message.  Oh boy did I leave him a message!  By the time I was done he knew in no uncertain terms that I was not a happy camper and that I had no love for Lippert.  In essence, I ripped him a new one!

Fifteen minutes later Bob came into the rig and said, “Dale, our service writer just came to see me and she said I don’t know what your wife did but we just got a call from Lippert and we were told to do whatever it took to get this fixed and that we were to send all bills to Lippert and not charge you anything!”

Just minutes later my phone rang and it was Bob T. from Lippert.  He could not apologize enough for the mistake made in sending the wrong hose.  He was none to happy with his parts department.  From the way he sounded heads were likely to roll.

So we got the new hose and it was put on and 10 minutes later Bob noticed it was leaking.  He went looking for the tech and after a minor adjustment it seems all is well.  We’ll stay here another night so that we can measure the landing gear to make sure everything is holding and working as it should.

We have noticed some “popping” but the tech told us that it was likely air in the lines and that when raise and lower the landing gear a couple of more times that will work its way out.  We hope so.

We also had the people here look at a tire we had some questions about.  We have one tire that looks really chewed up.  It was suggested that we see the Michelin people as it shouldn’t be this worn with less than 5000 miles on it.  Tomorrow I take on Michelin!

I found a Capriotti’s here in Mesa!  Long time readers are familiar with that name as its our favorite sub shop that originated in Delaware.  I was all set to get something from there for dinner but Bob didn’t feel like going out after the day we had.  I understood and since we’ll likely be in the area one more day perhaps I’ll get a sub tomorrow.  Instead we had pepper and egg sandwiches.  If you aren’t familiar with this, its scrambled eggs and strips of cooked bell pepper together on a roll.  Add some ketchup and its pure heaven!

Our evening has been filled with the old black and white TV shows from years gone by.

What a day!

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