Monday, April 21, 2014

4/21/14 The Rest of Our Day

(Memphis, TN)

After seeing everything there possibly was to see in Graceland, reading everything there was to read, watching every film there was to watch and hearing You Ain’t Nothing but a Hound dog a bazillion times, it was time to take our leave.

We walked back to our campground which is situated right behind the Heartbreak Hotel.

We knew when we got here that we were on

but now we took notice of the other street names.



We decided to go to the restaurant recommended by the staff at the campground office.  This restaurant was featured on the food network. They gave us a menu to Marlowe’s and if we took it with us we would get 10% off our bill.  AND they would come pick us up in a pink limo and deliver us back when we were done.  We made the call.

While we were waiting Bob took these pictures of all the bugs we killed on the way here.

A good time to catch up with mom on the phone while waiting for the limo.

The limo arrives.

It was a short run down Elvis Presley Blvd and we arrived at Marlowe’s.

We were the third table to be filled when we arrived.  Granted we were there about 5:30.

The menu was extensive and it was hard to make a decision as to what to have.  Bob finally made up his mind to have catfish, button mushrooms in a burgundy sauce and fried okra.  After coming back three times to get our order I still hadn’t made up my mind.  There were just too many things to choose from.  BBQ Ribs, BBQ chicken, there was even BBQ spaghetti!  That last entrĂ©e did not appeal at all.  So when our waiter arrived one again we placed our order.   Bob got what he wanted and I ordered……go ahead, take a guess.  yep, out of frustration I ordered a hamburger!  Bob raved about his dinner.  Mine was ok.  I’ve had better and I’ve had worse.

Arriving back home we agreed it was a fun day and we were both glad that we got to tour Graceland.

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