Friday, February 1, 2008

1/30/08 Been There, Done That, Won't Do It Again

Once again Lucille and I were out soliciting donations for our Valentine's Day Dinner/Dance door prizes. We did really well today taking into consideration that we actually spent some money for some of the them. I guess by the time we're done we should have upwards of 20 prizes.

This afternoon we went through all the cloth table cloths that the park has to see how many red ones there were for our dinner. There's not enough for all the tables so we're doing Plan B,,,once again, when we come up with a Plan B.

This afternoon was a tag along to A & M Pizza for dinner. Lucille and I had been in there the day before for the first time. It smelled so good! It was clean! The people were nice! Neither one of us had joined in on this particular tag along and since one was scheduled for today I signed up so Bob and I could attend with the group. I was especially happy to read on the sign that they served subs! We haven't had subs since we left Delaware over a year ago! We've had major sub withdrawal as we usually had one at least once a week.

There were 28 of us for dinner.

So we're all settled in and ready to order. LaVon, sitting next to me, said that she had had one of their subs and that it was good. So that's what I ordered. Bob got a personal size pizza. Since there were so many of us ordering all at the same time it took a little while before our dinners were served. That was OK, we kind of expected that and we spent the time laughing and talking. So dinner is finally served. Cold! Cold pizzas! Not warm, not lukewarm, COLD! Now we are not happy campers. My sub was set in front of me and I thought, "Uh oh, this is not a sub, this is a lunchmeat with lettuce and tomato sandwich on a roll". I ate it, and it was OK for what it was. Sorry LaVon, this isn't a sub as I know them. Everyone around us was commenting about the cold pizzas. I couldn't help but notice that the restaurant employees weren't coming around asking if everything was OK. Maybe they overheard us? It came time to pay and I went to the counter while Bob finished his conversation and when it was my turn I told the guy I was paying the bill under protest because the pizza was served cold and that in fact everyone within earshot of Bob and I had their pizzas served cold too. He couldn't have cared less! He said, "Sorry, I did the best I could". Lesson learned on our part, dining at A & M Pizza is NOT in our future! As the title says, Been There, Done That, Won't Do It Again.

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