Saturday, February 9, 2008

2/7/08 Mask Making

Bob started his day playing horseshoes. The guys have been after him for awhile now to play so he and our neighbor Dave decided to get into the fun.

I was on a mission today. Thursday nights are bingo night for me and one of the bingo callers, Earl, and I have a friendly feud going on. I give him a him a hard time because he doesn't call the numbers I need and he's suggested I hold up a sign with the numbers I need and I've done that to no avail. He still doesn't call 'em. Well, two weeks ago I gave him a real hard time and he (jokingly) banned me from Bingo! I told him afterwards I would wear a costume and he wouldn't know I was there. So here it is Thursday and I have to come up with something.

I went to my friend Nancy and asked her for help. She had a paperbag so that was a start. We cut it down to size and then were stumped so we went over to the Activities building to see if any creative people were there. We were in luck, Bonnie was there! I told her what I wanted and she went right to work.

Bonnie hard at work.

It was time to try it on for size.

Bonnie then insisted that it need something more. A Bow! A crepe paper bow!

Some few finishing touches.

The finished product.

Back at Nancy's she gave it a few more tweaks.

Bingo time couldn't come fast enough. I couldn't wait to see Earl's face when he saw the mask.

The time had finally arrived and wouldn't you know it was the biggest crowd ever and it took forever for everyone to get settled. When he wasn't looking our way I slipped it on and he didn't look back to our table. That in itself is unusual because he always looks at our table to see what we're up to. Finally, Dave cleared his throat or made some such noise kinda loud like. Earl finally looked over and busted out laughing!

Our table started out lucky with two of my tablemates winning the first two games. I had no such luck this night.

At intermission I walked out to the Breezeway for a few minutes and came back and sat down to fill in my free spaces for the next game and talked with Darlene to my right. I heard all kinds of laughter and looked up to see what was going on and there was Earl sitting on the stage ready to call with my mask on his head. I hadn't even missed it! Everyone had a good laugh over it and it was worth the time to make it. One of the few times I didn't have the camera with me.

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