Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2/26/08 Bob Takes Silver!

NO, he didn't steal the silverware, he won a Silver Olympic Medal for pool playing.

He started his first game this morning playing horseshoes but didn't fare as well in the game.

After my Tuesday morning dance class I had my first Olympic game. Ping Pong! I got my butt whipped! Of course I was playing Nancy, now known as "Killer" Reid. She is a fantastic player. In fact, she is a champion ping pong player in real life and there are few, if any, that can beat her. I did manage to score 5 points and for that I am thankful. I'm also glad it is a double elimination game so I'll get to play at least once more.
From ping pong I went to horseshoes. I have never thrown a horseshoe in my life. I even had to get instruction on how to hold the darn thing!
Take notice of the follow through!

I somehow managed to get eight points. I don't think that is too shabby for a first time player.

Bob was an official for the ladies horseshoes. He had called out how many points were earned and kept the pits tidy in between players.

Marlene is sure to take the gold as she scored 25 points in her game.

Our games were done for the day and after a dinner of pizza Bob sat out with the guys in the neighborhood talking about the games and I went to the Cantina for a night of Michigan Kitty with seven of our friends. I didn't do too well but Nancy "Killer" Reid walked away with the final pot of over $6.00. When you are playing for pennies that is quite a take.

Today was a really fun day for us!

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