Sunday, February 17, 2008

2/16/08 Big Dreams, Little Pocketbook

We started out our day helping the Blue Team with the pancake breakfast. What a waste of time! We had maybe twenty come in for breakfast. I think all the activities teams are glad this was the last one.

We met up with our neighbor Don outside our RV on our return and he said LaVon woke up with a headache this morning and he didn't know if they would be taking a day trip with us or not today. We gave it a little time and then he came out to tell us all systems were go, she was up to it.

So we took off to Chandler about 35 miles away. We went to Beaudry RV which is a rather large RV dealership. They were offering free lunch, entertainment and it would give us a chance to look at all the new RV's on the lot. Don and LaVon would like to upgrade their rig and though we aren't in the market if something struck our fancy.....well you never know.

It was a pleasant drive to Chandler and gave LaVon and I chance to talk one on one. You know how it is, men in the front seat, women in the back.

We started looking at 5th wheels right away but none of us saw anything that knocked our socks off. Next stop, lunch. Beaudry offered a BBQ chicken lunch. A leg quarter, what I thought were lumpy mashed potatoes, red beans and sweet corn bread muffins. Well, let me tell you I was surprised with that first forkful of "mashed potatoes". They were cold! Turns out this was Beaudry's version of potato salad. Let's just say, I, for one, walked away hungry.

Back to touring the rigs. After seeing all the 5th wheels we moved on to motor homes. We made the huge mistake of going into the high dollar ones first. I'm talkin' $500,000.00 plus. Some were just too fancy for our tastes but there was one.....Oh. My. Gosh. It was a huge coach that priced out at $789,000.00 +. It had everything including a full size JennAir stainless steel fridge with the bottom slide out drawer freezer! It had a dishwasher. Granite counter and table tops everywhere. The leather on the furniture was as soft as butter. It even had a bath and a half! I sat in the passenger seat while LaVon sat in the driver's seat, just trying it on for size you know. Well, we discovered the seats had built in massagers or vibrating mechanisms if you will. They had three speeds, low, medium and who needs a man! I gotta get me one of those! Something else we learned about people who can afford three quarter of a million dollar rigs....they like throw pillows on the bed, twelve of them! Here I thought I was "uptown" because I have six of them on ours and to tell ya the truth I think they are a pain in the butt!

We made our way down the $200,000 + rigs and there was just no comparison. None at all. In fact, we were checking out one for $231,000 and I looked at LaVon, "sniffed" with my nose up in the air and told her we had to leave, that this rig was just too ghetto for us. In our dreams!

So the four of us decided that we're quite happy with what we have right now and that there was nothing on the lot we would trade for.....well, maybe that one coach for seven bigs one if we ever hit the Powerball numbers.

As we were heading back neighbors Dave and Darlene passed us on the road. They were on their way back from a few days in San Diego. As soon as we parked at the rigs it was hugs and handshakes all around as we welcomed them home.

After dinner we had Comedy Night in the Carnaval Room. Three comedians, one being a magician entertained us. We laughed, we were amazed at some of the magic and a good time was had by all.

What a day!

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