Thursday, February 14, 2008

2/10/08 Party Day at the Quinn's

Up early this morning! We had the perfect day weatherwise. Sunny, blue skies with temps in the mid-70's.

At 12:30 our friends and neighbors started bringing over their chairs and the grills we'll need.

The major topic on everyone's lips was the weather. I'm sure you've all experienced what you consider to be the perfect day. Well, take that day and times it by 10 and you'll have a day like we had.

It seemed like everyone came at once and party was in full swing before we knew it.

We did have one party participant who brought a different kind of chair to sit in. Meet Richard.

Richard is wheelchair bound for the next couple of months due to an ATV accident he had two weeks ago. He had bought the ATV and went riding that day out in the desert with a bunch of other guys. The next day he went by himself. That was the first mistake. Evidently he lost control of the ATV and it flipped breaking his lower leg in three places when all was said and done. Remember he was alone in the desert. Luckily he had his cell phone with him and dialed 911 because he knew he was in trouble. Unfortunately, it took the paramedics 45 minutes to find him. They loaded him into an ambulance and took him to a place where he could be airlifted to Phoenix. At the hospital he was operated on right away and a metal plate and pins were put in to hold his leg bones together. After a few days in the hospital he was back here in the park and he isn't letting this hold him down. He's attending events and parties like nothing was wrong. You go Richard!

Bob brought out the ladder golf game we have and and soon sides were chosen the games had started. The first ones to volunteer for play were ones who had never played before or had never even seen the game. Here is LaVon, our next door neighbor, she took to this game like a duck to water. Not only did she enjoy playing she was good at it! I want her on MY team next time we play.

Darlene was another good player who was new at this.

This is Nancy, she is my good friend and the kindest lady you would ever want to meet. Turns out she is a killer at ladder golf even though she was a first time player.
Since Nancy was technically on duty, she and her husband, George, are camp hosts and today was a work day for her she had to leave early. But not before she awarded a medal for her outstanding playing. Don, our neighbor across the street presented one of his awards to her.

Food! We had so much food! Good food! Here's Dave, of Dave and Darlene, chowing down.

We all enjoyed sitting around talking, laughing and watching the ladder golf games.
Don decided that the three best players should receive medals. It turned out it was him, LaVon and Bill.
Take notice of Bill's (center) medal. Don could only find two more medals so we made one for Bill. Since he won the silver medal Bob found an allen wrench and we tied it on to the blue ribbon. He was so proud of that medal! (Since I'm writing this a few days later I can tell you that I saw Bill the next day walking by and he was still wearing his silver medal)
What a great group of people we have here! A good time was had by all but all too soon the darkness of evening started to move in on us. It was time to call it a day.

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