Monday, February 4, 2008

2/4/08 Phone Calls and Reservations

Another rainy, cold, blustery day in the desert. I know I harp about the less than desirable weather here in Arizona but darn it, it wasn't supposed to be like this! I guess it doesn't really matter considering what we wanted to accomplish today.

We've been busy all day looking for campgrounds and making reservations. We've decided that we're going to the Grand Canyon before we head to Wyoming and then on to Yellowstone National Park right afterwards. Its a good thing we made the reservations for Yellowstone today as there were only four spaces available for the time period we want. So we're all set to spend ten days there and we have seven days scheduled for the Grand Canyon. There's lots to see in the area so we won't spend ever day looking at the canyon but I'm sure we'll be there for several sunsets and maybe even a sunrise.....then again, maybe not on the sunrise.

This is setting our trip to Delaware back until mid-July now but it has to be. At least I'll be home for my birthday this year and I'm looking forward to that.

In the early evening we had the computer guy here to tweak our connection and get the laptop able to print from across the room. We're good to go now!

Evening brought gusting winds and colder temps. We checked the extended forecast and the mid-70's should be the norm starting this weekend. Hooray!

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LaVon Baker said...

Don & I have decided that a trip to the Grand Canyon is not in our plans this winter, so we're looking forward to future posts from you. We will visit the Grand Canyon vicariously through you and Bob. Looking forward to gloriuous photos here.