Thursday, February 14, 2008

2/11/08 Last Day of This Work Week

Last day of work for me this week. Since we don't work on Sunday's my schedule this week was Friday, Saturday and Monday.

Today is the last day I work before the Valentine's Dinner/Dance. I think I've told you already that this is a White Team project. We're responsible for the event even though on Wednesday it will be an all work day for all activites teams. Wednesday, you read that right. We're celebrating Valentine's Day on Wednesday the 13th because the Carnaval Room is off limits to us Thursday the 14th due to it being Bingo night. NOTHING disrupts bingo in this park!

Everything is under control as far the big day is concerned so there really wasn't a whole lot to do. Everything has been bought or ordered and Deann, the activities coordinator, and I tweaked the "schedule" a bit more.

In the afternoon I walked over to the Cantina where the kitchen is located and found the roasters in place for the cooking of pork loins which will be done tomorrow. (Tuesday)
The pork loins defrosting.....that's a lot of meat!
By two my day was done as far as work was concerned. That's a good thing, I figure I'm gonna need all the rest I can get before Wednesday.

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