Friday, February 22, 2008

2/20/08 Back to Work

Another work session is upon us.

Today I made up the flyer and sign up sheets for the Photo Scavenger Hunt that Marlene, a winter resident, brought to the Activities Staff. She and I will take a long walk around the park and take pictures of 80 objects which will be divided between 4 "game books". Teams of 4 will have one hour to find as many of the objects as they can in the alloted time. Each team will get two game books so they can split up if they choose to to cover more ground. The team that finds the most objects and correctly identifies what site or common area it is in will win a prize valued at $100.00.

I met with the lady who had done this dinner for the last several years to get her "recipe" and to get the particulars of how she served one hundred plus people. I wish she was still doing the dinner!

DeAnn and I went over what is needed for the dinner so she could make up the grocery list and go shopping.

I wish it was Saturday and this was all behind us! I'm not having a warm and fuzzy feeling about this project. I can't explain those feelings but I don't see this one going smoothly. I hope I'm worrying for nothing.

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