Monday, February 18, 2008

2/18/08 Park is Going to the Dogs!

Today I was the official photographer for the dogs in the park. All the pet owners gathered at Robin's (an Activities workamper) to have their pets pictures taken before they all left to go to the dog park in Casa Grande. Now I figured I would be taking pictures of dogs and perhaps their humans. What I didn't expect was for the dogs to dress up. There were outfits available for them to dress up in and most took advantage of this. The humans did that is, trust me the dogs weren't too thrilled.

A cowboy.

A ballerina and a bumble bee. Look at the tongue on the dog on the left!

This pooch is so pampered he doesnt' even have to walk! Actually, this pup got sick about a month ago and his humans didn't think he had the energy to take a walk so they put him in this stroller. I think now he's gotten so used to it he doesn't want to walk anymore.

After this was over I took our Olympic registrations up to the office to make sure we're in for the fun times ahead. That taken care of, LaVon, our next door neighbor, and I went to practice our ping pong in the Carnaval Room where it is set up. I never knew ping pong could be so tiring! Its tough chasing that little ball all over the ballroom floor when we hit it off the table.

Here's LaVon. What form she has!

Here I am, intent on hitting the ball.
My turn to serve.

While I was doing this Bob was hard at work back at the rig. It seems our kitchen counter was "sinking" and he had to take everything out and put a brace in to make sure it didn't sink any further. In the picture below you can see where it cracked the support rail.
Of course this meant that everything in these cabinets had to come out and put somewhere. This is a large sized cabinet where lots of our kitchens things are stored so every flat surface and a lot of floor space was taken up.

Bob hard at work preparing the brace he'll use to fix this problem.

Of course there aren't enough hours in a day for a retiree to get everything done so this job will be finished up tomorrow.

I spent some time with LaVon this afternoon playing "Farkle" a dice game. I haven't played this game in over 30 years. It was better to be playing at her house than staying in mine while Bob was working. Sometimes you just have to stay out of his way.

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