Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2/19/08 Birthday, Duct Tape and Earthquakes

Well, another year has rolled around and once again I send out a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother Billy. I hope you have a wonderful day Bill.

I've always heard a man's best friend is duct tape. I can believe it. Bob's bicycle seat literally fell apart and instead of buying a new one....well the picture will tell the story.

Bob finished up our counter/cabinet issue and all is good again. He no sooner got that done and he noticed our toilet wasn't holding water. Luckily that was a pretty easy fix. Its always something.

It's possible we had an earthquake last evening. It was after seven and there was a loud explosion like sound and the RV's shook enough that the mini blinds rattled a few seconds. Bob says everyone was out on the street within seconds to see if an RV had exploded or if anyone knew what had happened. No one did and thankfully all RV's are intact. I missed the whole thing. I was in the Cantina, a cinder block building, playing Michigan Kitty. We didn't feel anything or hear anything. Not because it wasn't loud enough but because we were laughing so loud.

I can't believe how much the counter on this blog is changing so much day to day. I looked at the counter yesterday (Monday) at approximately 4:30p.m. and the count was 17,898. I looked at it again today a little after five and it jumped to 18,377. Four hundred and seventy nine hits in a 24 hour period! The only thing I can figure is that several people have found this blog and are starting to read it from the beginning.

I'm going to look into getting a map to put on here so that everyone can mark it with they are from. I know there are readers out there that we have not met and I think it would be interesting to see where everyone is from.

OOPS! My bad! I heard from friends back home and it seems I've hurt someone's feelings. In my "60 things you maybe didn't know about me" post I said that I didn't have any friends with kids at home. I meant friends my age. I DO have younger friends with kids still at home. Ian and Cindy, I'm sorry and no, you aren't chopped liver!

I thought the White Team in activities was done with big dinners to prepare and serve. I was mistaken. This coming Friday we are responsible for feeding about 100 winter residents a spaghetti dinner. I guess that changes what I was planning on making for dinner for Bob and I on Thursday!

That's about it for today, I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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