Sunday, February 17, 2008

2/17/08 Mini Golf, Ping Pong & Line Dancing

Our weather is back on an upswing starting today. Once again we're back in shorts & T's as we had the long pants and sweatshirts on the past couple of days because of the cold rain.

We had to make up our mini golf game that we missed on Friday because it was rained out. I played at 12:15 and Bob followed at 1:30. Thanks heavens my partner Garry had a great game with two, count em', two holes in one. I, on the other hand didn't have such a great game. It's a good things our scores are combined. Bob had a great game too! He shot a 22 for 9 holes.

When someone can't make a game for whatever reason we have substitute players who will step in when needed. One of these subs is Don, our neighbor across the street. Don is a lot of fun, always good for a laugh. He had the whole mini golf course in stitches today. He was needed as a sub for a player who couldn't be here. A female player. Don played the part to a T! Look at these photos below and you'll get a better undestanding.
....and of course he had to show some leg.
Bob and his partner came in 5th place during the last session of play (3 weeks per session) and he and his partner got to split their winnings of $8.00

While on the mini golf course today I couldn't help but notice that the cactus had set their blooms. We've heard with the amount of rain we've had this winter the desert will be beautiful this year. We can't wait to see it in full bloom.

Quail Run has gotten a new ping pong table. I have never played ping pong in my life but was strongly encouraged to try it by none other than our neighbor Don. Well, it turns out I'm pretty good at it. That must mean I have good hand/eye coordination. This makes Don very happy. You see, next week starts the Quail Run Winter Olympics. We won't downhill ski, the luge, ice skating or any other normal Olympic games as you know them. Oh no, we'll participate in things like ping pong, frisbee throwing, mini golf, pool, bean bag toss, dominoes, cribbage, darts, ladder golf and shuffleboard to name a few. Olympic medals will be awarded for first and second place only. We'll have closing ceremonies and a luncheon afterwards. We think it will be a lot fun. Evidently Don is a good ping pong player and if he can get enough signed up for it it will be included in the Olympics. I've seen the list and it will be part of the Quail Run Olympic games.
This afternoon brought line dancing for me. Bob wasn't feeling too good so he just kicked back and watched TV this afternoon. There is something going around the park so I'm hoping he's not coming down it. From what I hear it isn't pleasant.
Another fun day in the lives of these full timers.

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