Thursday, February 14, 2008

2/12/08 Dancing, A Concert & Game Playing

What a busy day for us today!

I started my morning with the usual Tuesday morning line dancing class. This is Sandy our leader. When she makes a mistake with a step its not a mistake. No siree, its a variation! She's a lot fun and keeps us laughing.....and dancing.

The class sure has grown since I started back in December.

This afternoon brought Bob time to start going through the basement of our rig to see what we can get rid of. This in itself is a never ending process. We've brought a lot of new stuff into our house this winter, think generator among the heaviest, and we've got to downsize before we hit the road. We were extremely close to our weight limit when we got here and as of right now there is no doubt we are over. Stuff has got to go, especially since we have huge mountains in our future.

While Bob was cleaning out things I spent two hours enjoying the music of Tom and Rusty in the Carnaval Room. Its time for a sound check.

All it takes is music, sweet music to get the residents of this park up and dancing as Frank and Carol Bowman show here.

Tom and his wife showing us a new dance.

I'm concentrating hard to get the steps of this one down.

Bob played pool this evening and won two out of three games. I played Michigan Kitty, or you may know it as Michigan Rummy or Tripoley, with 5 of our neighbors/friends. This was the first time playing for all the players with the exception of two of us. The four "newbies" thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I can see us playing again and again while we're still here.

We called it an early night tonight since tomorrow is going to be a killer day for us.

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