Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2/8/08 Rebecca Dawn Sings For Us

It was back to work for us today, well, me anyway. Bob hasn't been going to work because there really hasn't been anything for him to do. If needed, he's there within minutes of a phone call for help.

We had Friday morning mini golf game today so I had a short break from work and we both walked away with pretty good games under our belt. No jackets were needed today as spring is arriving here in the desert. Not quite here yet but really, really close. At least we're out of winter jackets.

Back at work we had to take the tables down from bingo and set up the Carnaval Room for a concert that will take place there this evening.

We're making lists at work for everything that has to be done for our Valentine's Dinner/Dance.

People just amaze me! We have two types of tickets for sale, dinner only for $7.50 and dinner/dance for $15.00. We're hearing a lot of this: "I'm just paying for dinner, you won't know if I'm there for the dance so why should I pay for it?". Ohhhhh, but we will know! First of all, the dinner only people will be sitting separately from the dinner/dance people. Also, when everyone arrives each person will be given a red heart to pin on if attending both parts of the evening and a pink heart if only there for the dinner. We have one lady in particular who insists we sell her just a dance only ticket. Uh, sorry, we don't have those! She told us she'll sneak in. Heh, heh, heh, we'll be watching for her!

Tonight we were entertained by Rebecca Dawn. She usually works out of Branson, Missouri but in the winter she works the RV parks in Arizona. Tonight was our turn. We sold a lot of tickets for this and had a great turnout. Some pics from this evening.

Meet Rebecca Dawn.

Her husband, Joe, also got into the act.

There were lots of costume changes for Rebecca, here are the two of them as Donny and Marie. Trust me, Joe was funny, but he couldn't sing! No sir, couldn't carry a tune in a bucket!

Rebecca Dawn was great at getting the audience involved in her act as this picture shows. In this outfit she had everyone on their feet and singing "God Bless the USA".

Here are two winter residents doing the "Walk like an Egyptian" song with Rebecca.

Rebecca Dawn as Elvis.

It didn't take long before Joe was back in the act.

This was really a fun night with all the costume changes and she can really sing! Everyone enjoyed the audience participation.

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Anonymous said...

We saw her tonight at Sun Life RV resort in Mesa. It was the best show at the park this year. Her energy and entertainment ability was wonderful.