Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2/9/08 Spring Has Sprung in the Desert!

Hooray! We're back in shorts and T's! We're hittin' the mid 70's now and all is right with our world!

Another work day today for me. Bob stayed home and is working on the route we'll take this summer and is busy figuring out how to get around some of the mountains we'll have to deal with. Some of them we'll just have to go over but if there's another way he'll find it.

Today at work we worked on the timeline for the Valentine's Dinner/Dance. We'll start at 9:00 in the morning. We wrote line by line who is doing what at each hour to insure it all runs smoothly.

I spent the afternoon with a trip to the grocery store to get in what I need for our offering at the party Bob and I will host tomorrow at our place. What started out as about 20 residents on "our street" has turned into 37 attending. We've asked everyone to bring their own chairs, whatever they are drinking, their own meat to grill and a dish to share. We're sharing a big bowl of potato salad. We're also adding chips and dip and salsa, a bowl full of hot peppers and supplying the paper products. We have great weather predicted so we're looking forward to a fun day.

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