Saturday, March 15, 2008

3/10/08 Workamper Get Together

Today we had a Workamper Get Together in the common area behind the office. Bonnie and I had planned this about a week ago and put an invitation in all the workamper's mailboxes. Each one was asked to pitch in $3.00 each to buy the hot dogs, hamburgers, paper products, plasticware, sodas and whatever else we could get for the money. In addition, each one was asked to bring something to share.

We gathered at three in the afternoon, giving those who were working today a chance to go home and get ready for our picnic.

We had lots of food to say the least. Besides hot dogs and burgers we had all kinds of salads and desserts. Oh boy, did we have deserts!

We played horseshoes, shuffleboard, mini golf and ladder golf.

We talked, we laughed and we shared our plans for the coming summer.

I'm glad we did this, we were so seldom all together and when we were it was usually for a butt chewing.

These people have been a great crew to work and play with. There are so many that we hope we see again as we travel the highways of the USA.

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