Sunday, March 9, 2008

3/4/08 More from Olympics

Today I went back to work and this will be for a full week, meaning I'm working 5 days straight. We have the Quail Run Luau this coming Saturday and we have to get ready for that. We'll have lots of food to cook/bake and lots of decorating to do.

Before I get into the luau I need finish up the Quail Run Olympics. OK, OK, I know some of you are going to picky about this now.....Quail Run SENIOR Olympics.

As part of our entertainment, two winter residents sang to us. Bill Turner and Arlee Waring sang this song that Bill wrote. Arlee and Bill below.

It's sung to the tune of Toby Keith's "I Love That Bar".

Quail Run Anthem
By Bill Turner

(All Rights Reserved)

I headed down South several years ago from a little town up in North Idaho
Lookin' for a place in the land of the sun
Stayed in Phoenix and I risked my life man I wouldn't stay there without a gun and knife
So I topped off my tank I left on I-10
There I was headed down South again there ain't a single place I ain't been
Except that exit 200 and the Sunland Gin Road
A game of golf and it was almost dark I was lookin' around for an RV park
When on a little bitty sign I found Quail Run
By now you know that's where I call home, in a month or two we're gonna get a real phone
From my point of view what more could I need
Got the friendliest people that I've ever seen from Nome, Alaska down to Bowlin' Green
Finally found myself a picker and he made me sound good


But it wouldn't hardly be the same of course if I didn't mention all of neighbors to the North
From Saskatoon down to Montreal
But the thing that really brings us all together is the day after day of beautiful weather
Sky that turns pink at the end of the day
When the sky turns purple and the mountains turn blue, smoke smells good from the BBQ
And your hair dries off from a day at the pool

You oughta stop and thank your lucky stars above for your brand new friends
And the one that you love and say "Thank God, another Quail Run day
I thank you Lord another Quail Run Day
The place went wild when they finished. Bill lives two doors down from us and many a afternoon or evening a crowd has gathered to listen and sing.
Now back to work. Today we made cheese balls for a start to the massive amounts of food we'll make this week. That done, we had to wait for more ingredients to arrive before we could move on. Buddy and Shelly, the couple who are filling the spots that Bruce and DeAnn left went they went back to "real life", had lots of shopping to do.

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Anonymous said...

Snookie----Actually the Song performed to the " I love this Bar" was a parody entitled "We Love This Park" The Quail Run Anthem is an original tune. Just wanted to save any frustrated musicians from trying to play the Quail Run Anthem to the "I Love This Bar" music track. Bill