Friday, March 21, 2008

3/18/08 Who's Got My Peas????

Started this morning with our final line dance class. Unfortunately, Sandy, our instructor, was struck down with a nasty bug that is making its way rapidly through the park. Carl, her husband who plays the music for us, told us that Sandy wanted to be at the last class so badly but just couldn't drag herself away from the bucket beside her bed house to be there. We were all sorry to hear this as we had a surprise planned for Sandy. Do you remember a few months ago when a fellow in NYC had a large group of people "freeze" in Grand Central Station at an appointed time? Well, we were going to do that with Sandy. Carl was in on it and I was going to give a signal and we were all going to freeze and just wait for her to turn around and look at us. All the dance class participants were in on it and we were so disappointed to find out she wasn't going to be there. We missed out on a good laugh with the dance instructor we all care so much about.

A new three day work session for me started today and after dance class I went over to the Oasis. There just isn't much of anything to do since the season is all but over. The Red Hat Ladies were having their High Tea this afternoon so we did have to set up for that. I made sure to come back when it was going on to take some pictures.

Tables all set up in the Red Hat colors of red and purple.

Lots of goodies to have with their tea.

A group picture of our Red Hat ladies.

This lovely lady is Carol Bowman, a fellow Activities Staff member.

Bob went to Tucson to get our new refrigerator. He had plans of driving our truck to get it but that would have meant taking our hitch out and also a large, filled to the brim tool box. Our friend and neighbor, Dave, said he would drive and would be happy to do so. It sure saved Bob a lot of work not having to empty our pick up bed. Dave you are just the best!

When I got home around 2:30 Bob was having a heck of a time getting the decorative wood panels off the old fridge door. Our owner's manual says unscrew the screws and the panels should just slide out. This isn't working. Bob then notices that the panels are GLUED in place. I got on the phone to the manufacturer to find out what we should do and I was told that the builder of the rig is the one who glued them in and we should call them. We could see a wild goose chase in our future so we sat back and thought about our alternatives. The problem is the new fridge has a black frame, black trim and black handles and our old one had gray frame, trim and handles. We decided to make a color statement and have a two toned fridge! We used the doors off the old fridge. Works for us!

It was a work day for Danny here in the park so having him install the new appliance today was not an option.

Remember our food is in coolers and in freezers around the neighborhood. Come dinnertime I wanted to make peas as our veggie. I went to LaVon's, nope she didn't have our peas. Neither did Billie or Darlene. Who's got my peas???? I couldn't remember. Luckily, I had some fresh broccoli in the cooler so we had that instead.

You don't realize how much you depend on your appliances until they aren't there!

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